Volunteer Deer Park


The Adopt-a-Spot program is an opportunity for organizations and citizens to take pride in their community and support the quality of life for Deer Park.

Art Park Players

There are many opportunities on-stage and off to lend your talents to Deer Park's own community theatre. Friends of the Art Park Players is a local non-profit that supports the Art Park Players.

Park Patrol

The object of the Deer Park Citizens on Park Patrol program is to provide more eyes and ears in the parks and neighborhood streets observing and reporting crime and/or suspicious activity. For more information on the Park Patrol Program contact Sheila Plovanich at 281-930-2118.

V.I.P.A.R. Program

Since 1996, the Original Volunteers in Parks and Recreation (V.I.P.A.R. program) has been helping kids build a foundation of knowledge, a positive attitude, and skills that are needed to be a responsible volunteer and future employee.  

V.I.P.A.R.'s will spend their time productively by assisting in recreational programs such as Camp Crabgrass, Movies and Concerts in the Park, Art Programs and many more!