Who's Wally?

Wally Wise Guy is a turtle that knows it's wise to go inside his shell whenever there's danger, so this costumed character
is the perfect mascot to teach children (and their parents) how to Shelter-In-Place in case of a chemical emergency.

Wally is targeted to reach children from Kindergarten to 4th grade, so Wally makes personal appearances at elementary
schools, day care centers, community parades, sporting events and other civic events.
Wally is a non-speaking character and is accompanied by a spokesperson who presents Wally's messages and answers audience questions.

Wally was developed by the Community Education Task Force, a consortium of Local Emergency Planning Committees,
which include the Baytown, Deer Park, La Porte and Pasadena LEPC's.

Today the Wally Wise Guy program has expanded to member organizations in twenty states.