Engineering Division

Bill PedersenBrent Costlow The Engineering division provides comprehensive engineering, developmental services, capital project planning and management, and inspection services in order to manage the City’s infrastructure, protect the environment, and ensure public health and safety.

Our Engineering Division is overseen by the City Engineer/Public Works Director Bill Pedersen, P.E The division is supervised by the Assistant Public Works Director, Brent Costlow. The engineering division is responsible for all public infrastructure projects, such as:

  • Municipal buildings
  • Municipal parking lots
  • Roadway and drainage improvements
  • Wastewater disposal systems
  • Traffic control devices
  • Water supply systems

E1.jpgThe division utilizes both in-house staff as well as outside professional consultants for design, construction management and contract administration on all major capital improvement projects undertaken by the City of Deer Park. The division includes two registered land surveyors, two engineering construction inspectors and one engineering aide.

Current City of Deer Park Engineering Projects include:

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Project: Project cost over $22 million.
  • Police Firing Range and Classroom: Cost $1.8 million
  • City Wide Sidewalk Project: Cost $242,055
  • Year-6 Sanitary Sewer Overflow Project: Cost $710,984
  • 18-Inch Force Main CIPP Rehabilitation: Cost $225,323

Future projects include: New City Hall Building, New Animal Shelter Building, Street Replacement Project, Water Line Improvement Project and Bayou Street Storm Drainage Improvements.