Good Boy Dog Obedience

Picture your dog walking politely beside you, staying still when you say and coming when you call.  It's possible!  Join in on this basic dog obedience group class and learn how to motivate your dog to follow your direction, reliably.  Class is taught in a fun environment with you working alongside other dog people from your community.  With a maximum of 15 dog/human pairs, make sure you reserve a spot in the next class.
You may email the instructor at

These classes cover basic commands that will make life with your dog enjoyable one.  Expect to put in work outside of class meetings for best results.

Contract Program Refunds

To better serve our community, Deer Park Parks and Recreation Department (DPPARD) contracts out several programs. Due to advanced planning with the contracted instructors, it is at the discretion of the instructor to decide to issue a refund for said program.  Only with the approval from the instructor will the DPPARD issue the refund.  In the event the Department cancels any program, a full refund will be promptly issued.